How would Mika and Kida look like as blockhead humans (you know, human in Minecraft).


Nesu: Ahww yiss Kida got dreads x))

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Yoooo :((
Sorry guys, but it doesn’t look so shiny for updates today. My laptop is messed up as hell and I can’t draw anything cuz it’s so damn laggy :((

Stupid old thing…

Well I will try to fix it tomorrow… if I can’t fix it… well… |’D
We’ll see…

Hope you guys are not too disappointed or something 3:
I will try my best!

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Alright people! Gimme some nice asskicks so that I update Mikas blog tonight! x))


Woah this weekend I was on a party and I SERIOUSLY met a guy who looks EXACTLY like human Mika?!?? Like… HELLO??

JFC… what is this witchcraft?!

Mika... U^U *the half demon steps towards you with a serious expression* I'm perfectly fine with you talking to the woman that reminds me of the person I most held dear to me until.... Well... And I understand perfectly well of the side affects of red stone... But........... I speak out for not just me, but everyone who deeply cares about her... Please.... Promise you won't hurt her.

Mika: H-Hurt? Dude… I don’t know what you’re talking about… :7 Who do you mean?? I could never hurt anyone! :c

Kida: I will pay you the double!!
Mika: Haha you are so not used to be on the second place, bro! xP

Rukida comes for a visit: 4/5

Last chance to ask Mikas brother some questions ;3

Reunited <3


Alriiiight!!! Picking the winners out was super thrilling! :D 
Here they are: 

1. Place: Damasath !!!
1 fullcolored drawing + a 2 kg Package with german sweets and little somethings I’m gonna send to your home! :D (wow super cheap delivery costs cuz GERMANY AHAHAHA)

2. Place: ask-endershadow !!!
1 fullcolored drawing + a 1 kg Package with german sweets and little somethings I’m gonna send to your home! uwu

3. Place: SHADE !!!
1 fullcolored drawing

4. Place: c0dezero !!!
1 Colored sketch

5. Place: Chiggerhound !!!
1 Sketch 

Please tell me within the upcoming week what you want me to draw for you! :3 And the 1. and 2. winners your addresses of course! :D

And to all of you: THANKS FOR PARTICIPATING!!!
I am so happy you like and follow Miky! This Give away won’t be the last one! ;D

We did everything together and he always supported me. He always talked back to our dad when I had an argue with him. And believe me… Our dad is a guy you just don’t talk back to…

Maybe I was too hard with my judgement? I think so…